VOIP Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams Phone Calling Plans

Integrate your Microsoft Teams subscription directly with your current phone service, or as a standalone conference number. Illinois VOIP provides direct routing and SBC services to integrate Microsoft Teams with the HD quality voice for public extension dialing. 

Contact one of our Solution Engineers today, and learn more about our custom integration service and monthly plans.

Microsoft Teams PBX Integration

Illinois VOIP provides direct integration with Microsoft Teams with cloud and on-premise PBX systems. Direct SBC integration with Microsoft Teams allows Teams users:

Simple Teams Direct Routing

Illinois VOIP provides direct routing for new or existing numbers in Microsoft Teams. Use and existing, or new phone number to effortlessly allow others to join your Microsoft Teams Meeting from a standard telephone. 

Our Direct routing technology provides the simplest method of direct route integration with the lowest overall cost compared to Microsoft Calling Plans. Enhance your current phone system with a conference line and Teams integration today. 

Consider Your Options

PBX integration incorporated Microsoft Teams directly with your company phone system. Direct routing provides a simple and cost effective method for allowing direct phone calling in/ out of your Teams Meetings. 

You do not have to make the decision on your own. Call and speak with our team to learn more.