Illinois VOIP Virtual Fax Options

Fax by Email

Fax over email provides an easy and convenient method to transmit faxes from anywhere.

Starting at: $8.00/ mo

Fax over T.38

Facsimile transmissions to traditional fax machines, fax servers, or email service.

Starting at: $20.00/ mo

Fax over HTTPS

Use your current physical fax device to transmit facsimile transmission securely and reliably.

Starting at: $35.00/ mo

Fax Options Explained

Fax over Email provides a fast convenient method of sending and receiving faxes. Inbound faxes are received by our servers and converted to .pdf files. They are then emailed to the recipient(s) designated to have access to the faxes. Outbound faxes are received by the our servers, then converted to analogue fax and sent to the recipient.

Fax by email can be used by select individuals or company wide.

Illinois VOIP can deliver fax service over the T.38 standard for management by local devices or fax servers. Typically FXS/ATA/ Fax Servers will utilize this protocol.

Depending on your PBX option, this may be viable for your organization. Please contact a solution engineer for more information.

Fax over HTTPS delivers the most reliable service with PCI/HIPAA compliance. Faxes are received, then converted to SSL secured transmission to an onsite device. The fax is then converted directly to a fax device.