Frequently Asked Questions

New to VOIP

Today, most phone companies deliver your phone service by VOIP to a modem installed on your property. In rare cases, POTS "Plain Old Telephone Service" is delivered by two wires to your site. If you move locations, it typically requires service personnel to go to your site, and move equipment.


Illinois VOIP service is delivered directly over the internet. No modems, or other hardware is required, and there is less equipment to go out. Illinois VOIP services can be delivered to you at your home, business, or on vacation. If you move, Illinois VOIP just changes your E911 address, and you are good.

Illinois VOIP delivers HD quality audio that meets or exceeds other phone systems.


Illinois VOIP service is not dependent on requirements needed by many other providers. Each call is delivered with minimal bandwidth, but may be effected depending on the health of your home/business network. Our solution engineers will meet with you and assess your current setup to ensure you will have no issues.


We may even send you a demo device to test the quality yourself. 


No, We can port your current number to Illinois VOIP service, or get you a new local number. 

Transitioning to VOIP

Moving to Illinois VOIP is easy. Our team makes transitioning a breeze. Once you decide to move forward, our solution engineer will meet with you and discuss your complete setup. Our staff will prepare your system, and pre-install your device next to the old one (if possible). You can test your new system and train users with a temporary number until you are ready to proceed. 


When your numbers come over to Illinois VOIP, your new phone system starts ringing.  

Illinois VOIP provides onsite and remote service and support. Likewise, installation and cable wiring can be conducted by our team.

Multiple Business Sites


Illinois VOIP can deliver HD phone service to multiple locations by numerous methods, including cloud or hybrid deployments.

Illinois VOIP is not restricted to the State of Illinois. Some limitations can apply, so please speak with your solution engineer.

Our private PBX service allows custom integrations for outputs, and inputs from external databases and applications. Most major business applications already have integrations ready for immediate use. Others can be programmed by our Engineering Team.

Do you have a questions?

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